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Nov 17, 2012 10:30pm EST
into the holiday season. >> and you in an urban environment. >> don't walk alone. not alone. >> reporter: several weapons were recovered here from the metro station, the crime scene here. of the nine suspects, seven juveniles are facing aggravated assault charges, another is facing robbery along with the aggravated assault charge and a 17-year-old is facing murder two while armed in the death of griffin. he could be gelable to face charges as an adult and that will be determined in court on monday. that is the latest here at the woodly park metro station. back to you. >> thank you, lauren demarco. >>> a news alert from montgomery county. take a look at this. detectives must have rob -- want to find out who robbed someone at 830 ties. this is at the city bank in the 13,000 block of new hampshire avenue. the robber had a gun and pulled it out, despite the fact that the victim had his four-year- old daughter with him. if you know anything about the crime or suspect, please call montgomery county police. >>> over to prince georges county, police looking for whoever shot a man th
Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm EST
ocean. that's a unique environment, but not today. they were in board safely. if you've ever played hoops on board an aircraft carrier or had a basketball game canceled due to intracoastal waterway evening humidity, consider yourself in exclusive company. georgetown basketball got both on friday. the opener doesn't go as planned, but another chance to tip off the season tonight hosting duquesne at the horizon center. in the 1st half nate lubick to otto porter and an off balance shot but no good. hopkins is there. porter left in the 1st half with an eye injury. 2nd half off the duquesne miss markel starts with the rebound, nice left hand finish, 9 points, hoyas by three. later more starks, steal and tip this one ahead to himself, drops it for the freshman d' vauntes smith rivera for the lay-in. georgetown over duquesne 61-35. >>> ben olson d.c. united kicking off the eastern conference final game one at houston against the dynamo, 28th minute no score. nick deleon with the heed pass up the left side to leonard pajoy who tracks it down and in it goes, united out to a surprising 1-0 le
Nov 15, 2012 10:00pm EST
clean up the school food environment, it's a really good start. >> reporter: the center for science in the public interest says we need more federal involvement, not less, but critics draw the line at the lunch room door. >> we don't live in a one size fits all country. i think the result is going to be a lot of wasted food. >> they eat the fries and burger and kind of toss the vegetables and fruit. >> reporter: it's the same across the country where what's healthy is trashed. so in fairfax county the menu is put to a taste test. >> nothing goes on our menu that hasn't passed a taste party. >> reporter: fairfax, too bans junk food vending during school, but a report card by cspi gave virginia a d and maryland a d plus while schools that cracked down may face a backlash, not just from kids but parents revolting. >> they feel in some ways it's unamerican that their children should be able to make the choices that they want to make. >> reporter: unamerican for schools to ban what's bad for you? they can serve up whole wheat hamburger buns and post the calorie count, but they can't make
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3